Agent "double O squash" (jessiesquash) wrote in willngraceicons,
Agent "double O squash"

A quick update....

Hey everyone! I'm sure you're all wondering what the heck is going on around here....or maybe not who knows really. Anyway, I cancelled our last challenge because only one person entered. I wanted to thank darabelle for the lovely entries and I will make you a participation banner when I get a chance.

As of right now I'm temporarily handing mod duties over to easilyunwind who will run things while I'm traveling. I'll still be around and hopefully participating when I can. Please be as nice to her as you always are to me and everything will be fab.

Did you all watch the final episode? I LOVED it! I thought it was a lovely ending to a lovely show. *sniff* I'll miss it.

easilyunwind should have the next challenge up Wednesday-ish! ♥
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