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Will & Grace Icon Contest

Will, my love for you is like this scar. Ugly, but permanent.

5/18/06 10:16 am - jessiesquash

Okay here's the deal. I know it's Thursday and that last night was the deadline of our latest contest BUT I still only have entries from one person. I also thought that we should do something special in honor of the final episode tonight. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm kind of at a loss. I think final exams actually fried my brain this year. I'd really like to still recognize the diligent indvidual who entered so I'll think of something. I also still need eriksangel84's e-mail submitted to my last post. Thank you. :)

Enjoy the last episode!! *sniff*

5/16/06 12:38 pm - jessiesquash - Reminder!

I'm late and I'm sorry! Just a quick reminder that your icons for our current challenge are due tomorrow evening! I'd link to it but I'm in a bit of a hurry right now and you all know where to find it. Please submit because 2 icons from 1 person is not an exciting challenge. Thanks all!!

Also could eriksangel84 and easilyunwind leave me a comment with your e-mail addresses if you're still interested in temp modding for me. Comments are screened. Thanks darlings!

5/6/06 05:30 am - jessiesquash - Winners and Banners!

Hey guys! You all jumped right on the voting so I was able to end it right on schedule. Thank you! Here are the winners and your banners. Please let me know when you take them. Congrats guys!!

First Place goes to pyaari for

Second Place goes to pyaari for

Third Place goes to eriksangel84 for

Mod's Choice goes to brits_graphics for

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Please don't forget to enter our current challenge! We have two lovely entries so far. ♥

5/3/06 11:00 pm - jessiesquash - Challenge #15

Let's have a random cap challenge! Both of these are from Season 8, episode 13 Cop To It! I'm keeping the rules ultra simple.

[x] You can make up to 2 icons for this challenge and you don't have to use both images. So you can use one more than once.
[x] Blending between images is allowed as is animation, texture, text, brushes, etc...
[x] Icons due by Wednesday, May 17 sometime in the evening.
[x] Have fun and I can't wait to see those icons! ♥

The caps...Collapse )

Please don't forget to VOTE in Challenge #14!!

5/3/06 10:37 pm - jessiesquash - Voting!

Okay I love you guys! I begged and you all came through for me. Thank you. *group hug* I like to spread the Tori love so I also uploaded the song used for this challenge. It's one of her first songs and it's VERY 80s pop but I just love it. Download HERE! I would probably love anything Tori did because I'm that rabid of a fan-girl. So, you all know the drill.

[x] Vote for your three favorite in order; 98, 75, 69
[x] Don't vote for yourself or your friends and don't campaign for votes.
[x] You must vote to win.
[x] Good luck! Awesome entries this week! I'm interested to see where the votes will go. :)

Vote! Vote! Vote!Collapse )

The next challenge will be up soon....as soon as I make one up! ;p

5/2/06 06:14 pm - jessiesquash

So.......is anyone else going to enter our latest challenge? We still have a grand total of two icons. I'm going to keep it going until we get a workable amount. I'm not kidding. Don't make me do something drastic like use a lot of exclamation points. Or we could just cut our losses and I could issue participation banners. I'll see if we get anymore entries tomorrow. It's already been 3 weeks. So yeah, enter and stuff. Thanks. ♥

4/28/06 01:34 am - jessiesquash - What day is it?

Yes I admit that I forgot to end our current challenge but we only have two entries anyway so I'm extending it for another week. Please enter if you get a chance! I know that many of you are struggling through the last few weeks of school (so am I) so I'll keep this going as long as it takes. Do it!

4/24/06 08:15 pm - jessiesquash - Winners and Banners - Challenge #13

I was going to end the voting this weekend but time totally got away from me! Congrats to all of you. Not only did all of the icons get votes but everyone who entered won!! How cool is that. Please let me know when you take your banners. :)

Also, don't forget to enter our current challenge! We have a grand total of one icon!

Banners!!!Collapse )

Awesome, awesome job guys!! ♥

4/20/06 10:46 pm - jessiesquash - Reminder!

Hey all, just a reminder to get those votes in for Challenge #13. I'm going to end it this weekend.

Also please don't forget about our current challenge! We have a grand total of ONE icon so far. Show me some love people! ♥

Over and out.

4/12/06 10:04 pm - jessiesquash - Challenge #14

Don't forget to vote here!

For challenge #14 I thought we could do something different. So, how about a lyric contest! Please make sure you read the rules carefully before entering.

[x] You may submit up to 3 icons.
[x] You must use at least three consecutive words from the song and the text must be legible.
[x] You may use any image from the show. If you need sources for caps, ask me and I'll refer you to a couple sites.
[x] You may use brushes, textures and anything else you'd like.
[x] Icons are due Wednesday, April 26 sometime in the evening. Please submit your icons to this post only. Comments are screened.
[x] Good luck! Let's see those icons!

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