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Will & Grace Icon Contest

Will, my love for you is like this scar. Ugly, but permanent.

7/29/06 11:55 pm - jessiesquash - Brief Hiatus

Hey everyone! I apologize profusely for my absence and I want to thank easilyunwind for running the show while I was gone. I have some news that I don't think will come as a huge surprise to you all. Participation has been really low and I just am not feeling excited about these challenges right now. We are taking a brief hiatus so that I can plan a few things to get more members and I'd like to have some fabulous contests to get you all excited! This is not forever and I would love it if you all would hang in there because I'm planning some fabulous things for this community! The show may have ended but that doesn't mean we should to!

easilyunwind will post the results of our latest contest as soon as she gets more voters...come on kids.....and we will officially be on our break. If you have any suggestions for improving anything around here or just something you need to get off your chest let me know! Comments are screened!

Stay tuned.....

7/21/06 07:21 pm - easilyunwind - VOTING

[x] Vote for your TWO favorite in order; 98, 75
[x] Don't vote for yourself or your friends and don't campaign for votes.
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7/8/06 09:30 pm - easilyunwind - Extention

Only one person entered, I'll extend it for another week. Ends July 15!

6/30/06 01:39 am - easilyunwind - Awards & NEW Challenge!

AwardsCollapse )

[x] You can make up to 2 icons for this challenge.
[x] Please don't animate icons.
[x] Icons due by Saturday, July 8th.

New Challenge PhotoCollapse )

6/27/06 02:34 am - easilyunwind - VOTING

[x] Vote for your three favorite in order; 98, 75, 69
[x] Don't vote for yourself or your friends and don't campaign for votes.
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A new challenge will be posted when voting ends on Friday the 30th.

6/21/06 04:07 am - easilyunwind

Until I have more entries - a new poll won't be created. Only two people have entered this challenge.
Get those entries in!

6/7/06 06:16 pm - easilyunwind

Enty extention until Saturday the 10th. Get those entries in.

6/3/06 08:57 pm - easilyunwind - Reminder

Just a reminder that icons are due on Tuesday the 6th.
This weeks captures

So far, we only have one person entering.

5/29/06 01:32 pm - easilyunwind - May 29 - June 6

Going wayyy back to the pilot episode.

[x] You can make up to 3 icons for this challenge.
[x] Blending between images is allowed as is texture, text, brushes, etc...
[x] Please don't animate icons.
[x] Icons due by Tuesday, June 6.

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5/22/06 09:51 am - jessiesquash - A quick update....

Hey everyone! I'm sure you're all wondering what the heck is going on around here....or maybe not who knows really. Anyway, I cancelled our last challenge because only one person entered. I wanted to thank darabelle for the lovely entries and I will make you a participation banner when I get a chance.

As of right now I'm temporarily handing mod duties over to easilyunwind who will run things while I'm traveling. I'll still be around and hopefully participating when I can. Please be as nice to her as you always are to me and everything will be fab.

Did you all watch the final episode? I LOVED it! I thought it was a lovely ending to a lovely show. *sniff* I'll miss it.

easilyunwind should have the next challenge up Wednesday-ish! ♥
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